Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Fun

We decide to take the long trip to Phoenix this year for Easter. It was more than worth it. I went to my moms on Wednesday and then mom, Morgan, me and my three little girls headed for the long drive on Thursday morning. The kids done great in the truck that long with mom in the back seat keeping them entertained the entire time. it was so nice to be able to talk and catch up with them. it seems i get so busy at home i don't get to sit on the phone and visit. every second of the trip was perfect. So we got there on Thursday night and hung out at the house. As soon as we pulled up i just wanted to give my sis the biggest squeeze ever, but my girls beat me to her first :) We use to be able to sit and talk on the phone everyday for an hour but now that the kids are getting older we are lucky to talk every three days for five minutes. it makes me sad but glad to know she is always there when i need no matter what. Love ya 'Shelle Thanks for the best time ever!

My girls just loved playing with Ashlyn she is so cute. I could just squeeze her all the time. I miss them all so so much. I had the best time ever. Miss you all more than you will ever know.

On Friday we went to a place called Goldfield. It was so neat and fun to walk around. Its an old Western town. I'm so glad we got to go. i defiantly want to take Tyrell there. he would love it.

The girls thought that this bird cage was so much fun to play in. They love the simplest things

These are just a few of the building that were there.
My little Diva just hanging out and loving life.
Afterwords we went to dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. It was great! I just love spending time with my family. I had a blast!

So on Saturday we talked my mom into watching all four girls while we went and got a pedicure. I loved it. Its always so nice to be pampered a little. Thanks mom for watching the girls. Your amazing!

Yes My little Jazlyn looks like a boy, no hair and green and blue clothes. O well one day soon she will have hair that makes her look more like a girl. I hope :)

It was so cute Ashlyn and Jazlyn would fight over my mom.

Taylor and Brentlee found grandmas Makeup so there eyes are a little dark in these pictures.
That night we ordered pizza and colored Easter eggs.
What a messy face. i couldn't keep her off the table.

They had so much fun

Jazlyn is so funny. she is always pulling some kind of face. she got so excited when we were coloring eggs. So cute.

On Sunday morning they woke up so excited and couldn't wait. it was such a nice day. we hung out at the house and had a great turkey dinner. later that night we took the kids over to the play grounds and found a hill to roll there eggs.

Jazlyn loved the slide

They thought it was so fun to throw the eggs instead of rolling them.

It was so funny to watch these two together. this was one of the few times they were actually getting along and not telling each other "no mine" it was cute but frustrating at times. give them a few years and they will be best friends.

My family is the best thank you guys so much it was the best.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Great Job Girls!

I just want my girls to know that i am so proud of them. They love to barrel race every week and are getting so good at it. Taylor could just ride for hours as Brentlee cant wait to go around the barrels, but wants off right after. They are both so so much fun to watch and there personalities couldn't be more opposite. Love you Girls! Great Job me an dad are so proud of you.

Taylor was so happy, she won her first check which was 8.00. she didn't care how much it was but was just so proud of herself that she done so good. Here she is holding her trophy and ribbon, she also got a 50.00 gift certificate to IFA. Good Job BUG we love you!
You can never tell by looking at Brentlee's face but i promise she loved ever minute. They put her name in a drawing and she won this cute container full of horse brushes, rubber bands, and a paint brush. She has played with it non stop, i just haven't had the ambition to go pretty her horse up with her, what a bad mother.
Brentlee and Rylee had so much fun together. Here they are with there little trophy's, ribbons and there 50.00 gift certificates. Great Job girls we love you.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Everyday Adventures!

Nothing new or exciting going on around here. The girls have been loving the weather and just love to be outside. They have been ridding there horses a lot and staying busy every second. it has been difficult for me to stay caught up with the kids. Jazlyn is walking and into everything, once the door opens she is headed out. She gets so mad when her sisters leave her. soon enough she will be doing everything they do. Brentlee is the same old kid, so hard headed and stubborn. She has had a hard time since Taylor went back to school. She gets so lost and board. she follows me around the house all day asking "are we getting Taylor yet". As for Taylor she is loving every second of school, and is doing very well at it. We are so proud of her and hope she continues enjoying it.
Here are some pictures of our every day adventures!

I'm still not sure why they think it is fun to swim in the water where the cows slobber. Of course they talked there dad into it, but as for me i was considered a poor sport. There Papa (grandpa Brent) trained them very well to strip down to your underwear and jump in. I'm sure you think we are crazy, but just to see the girls have so much fun is well worth it.

Taylor barrel racing in Duchesne.

Brentlee and Mckayla(little friend)

Jazlyn is getting so big it makes me sad :(

Brentlee and Rylee sitting by the fire Papa made them, after playing in the water.

Brentlee and Mckayla following Taylor around the pasture.

They just love to ride

I just love to see my kids happy!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

3's of you

You've been tagged; so you are supposed to fill in the 3's of You.At the end, choose 3 people to be tagged.If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you. Have fun!

Three Names I go by:
1. MOM
2. Riah
3. Babe

Three jobs I have had in my life:
1. Subway
2. Day Care
3. Waitress

Places I have lived:
1. Gunnison, UT
2. Salina, UT
3. Altamont, UT

Three Favorite Drinks:
1. Apple juice
2. Water
3. Dr. Pepper

Three TV Shows that I watch:
1. Sponge bob (not by choice)
2. C.S.I
3. George Lopez

Three top places I have been:
1. Ohio
2. Oregon
3. Missouri

Three of my Favorite Restaurants:
1. Red Lobster
2. Texas Roadhouse
3. Pinn Willies

Three things I'm looking forward to:
1. Ridding horses with our girls
2. The next day to see what lies ahead
3. Helping others with whatever i can

Three People I Tag:
1. Ra'Shelle Pulsipher
2. Trista Rich
3. Emilie Stubbs

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wow! Seven years ago on July 27th i married the most amazing person. He is the perfect husband, Dad and best friend anyone could ever ask for. He truly is my best friend we do everything together. Tyrell is willing to do anything he could for me and his girls. The past seven years have been the best years ever and i look forward to every day just knowing i am married to such a wonderful person. No matter the trials we face as long as we stick by each other we always over come them. Tyrell has token on so much since my accident, i feel so bad thinking i am holding him back from so many things. He is so good to me and has never complained once. He says he is more than happy to do anything for me and he has proven so. Tyrell has given me three Angels that i couldn't imagine life without. I just love to set back and watch Tyrell with our girls. He is such a good dad and does anything they ask him. Our girls would much rather be with there dad playing than with me, but i wouldn't have it any other way. They just adore there daddy. I just want him to know that i love him more than life itself and appreciate everything he has done and continues doing for our little family. I am so excited for the many years to come.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm A Slacker

I know i know i am so behind but from now on I'm making it my goal to keep up. It has been a busy summer, so i will try my best to sum it all up for you. i had thought two kids was busy until the third, and now i know what losing your mind is all about. it seems i have no time to myself but you know i wouldn't have it any other way. bare with me as i tell you just a little that's been going on in our crazy life.

On the 14th Tyrell was out riding his horse and it slipped and fell on him, yes he was stubborn and walked a long ways before calling anyone. Me and the kids were already in bed when i herd him stumbling through the house, as he was still trying to walk on it we took him into the ER. He was so stubborn that he drove me and the girls there, what good was i to even yes it is broken, in a boot and on crutches for a while.

I was hoping that would have been the only ER rush for a long time, nope wrong again. On Monday the 20th we was doing chores just like every other day, The girls play while we feed. It was just me feeding this time as there is not much tyrell can do on crutches. Just as i was getting done i heard Brentlee screaming. O great here we go what now. She was holding her hand out with blood just dripping everywhere, i rapped her hand tight in a sock (the only thing i could find) and ran home to wash it off to see what exactly we were dealing with and o my hell was it disgusting. There was stuff hanging out of her battle wound which we found later was from a piece of metal. So we made another run to the ER. I was so embarrassed to find it was the same dr as the week before. All i could say was ya I'm back again. Brentlee is so dang tough and proud of her three stitches. It was so funny to watch her after they had numbed her hand and give her pain medicine, she wouldn't shut up. She talked non stop all the was home, and was so so funny that night at the house, Tyrell couldn't stop laughing at her. I was to busy watching her i never recorded it. danget. it was good watching.

It doesn't look like a very big wound but I'll tell you that was a lot of blood. She amazes me, and hasn't complained one bit.

It was a very happy Birthday for both Jazyln on the 16th and Brentlee on the 17th. I know they wont like to share there birthdays on the same day when they get older, so while we can get away with it we are going to do them together. I cant believe where the time goes, my last little baby is one, and my monster that i have to watch at all times with both eyes is now three. its so much fun to watch them grow and learn. as i was thinking back with Taylor we pushed her more to walk and talk, but now with Jazlyn i find myself holding her back and not wanting her to grow up. It has been hard for me to realize that she is my last little baby and i wont watch another grow like i have watched my three perfect angels, but i am also very blessed to have my girls by my side and to see them smile. Happy Birthday Girls!

All Brentlee would tell me she wanted was a longhorn cake, so that is what we came up with. Nothing fancy, but so loved it.

Jazlyn's Ladybug kind of turned out scary, but it was fun to try something new. After all she didn't mind one bit as she dug right in. she loved every bite.

Tyrell had went on one of his crazy fast trips to pick up a bull in Oklahoma, so me and the girls just hung out at the house and had a fun movie night. Me and Taylor also got board and decided to give her a hair cut. She has been asking for over a year now to have her hair cut short, and she finally talked her dad into saying whatever. I dont think he was to happy about it, but i thought it turned out cute.

Her hair is so much easier to take care of.

The 4th of July was fun even thou we didn't do anything. They don't do a big celebration in Altamont until the week of the 24th. I had Kolbi and Braxton and so we just hung out at the house and played in the water witch i learned mud was much more fun. They had a blast, it truly wasn't on purpose, but when you have a kid like Braxton that acts just like his dad(Trent)and a monster like Brentlee bad things just happen. As i had looked out the door Brentlee was on her hands and knees in the mud and Braxton was just in the process of putting mud on his head. I was to late so i just let them have a mud fight. Here are the results.

Braxton, Kolbi, Taylor and Brentlee

We left for Oregon on the 18th of June for a Texas Longhorn Sale. What an adventure we had driving straight 14 hours with three kids. What was we thinking! No it wasn't to bad i must say they did very well. So we got there late that night and all i wanted to do was go to bed, but Jazlyn had other plans. The next morning the guys had to be with the cows and do whatever it is that they do. haha, I'm not totally sure what goes on all day as they sit there and wait for all the cattle to arrive. us girls had other plans. we took the kids to see the Beach, had lunch and stopped at a bunch of fruit stands along the road it was great. We met up with the guys later that night for a BBQ and the view of the cattle. That night we took the kids swimming which Jazlyn absolutely hated. i would barely stick her feet in and she would scream for a couple of minutes. The next day was the big sell. They had raffles that i had put in for and i won the raffle with the longhorn skull. Yes people think I'm crazy but i was so excited for winning. The sell went good, we sold two and yes came home with one. i guess i should be glad that it was just one we came home with. lol. By that night i definitely need some kind of sleep. The next morning we loaded up and headed back home. I still don't understand how we made it all the way there in one day, but it took us two full days to make it back We had all had enough driving by the time we got to Twin Falls Idaho. so we stayed the night and went the rest of the way the next day. What an adventure. it was great, i enjoyed and loved all the amazing sights. here is lots of pictures from our trip.

The drive was so pretty and green i loved it.

We drove along the Columbia river. the girls just loved to stare at the water and watch the boats. it made me very nervous at first to drive right next to it but it was so neat to see.
Taylor is so happy and loves life. Brentlee is so grumpy all the time, Where did she come from?

It wasn't the best day to be at the beach. but Taylor loved every minute of it. She had so much fun with McKenzie and Bailey.They loved to wait for the tied to come in and try to out run it.